Millennials hate traditional banks, citing the unexplained fees & charges they apply for keeping them in the red. Monzo, a mobile-only banking app, does away with the bullshit to help millennials improve their relationship with money.

Native advertising - Tinder

With Millennial's spending an average of £60 on a date, finding love can break the bank.

Monzo team up with Tinder to make dating more affordable.

What: An app-extension which syncs your Monzo and Tinder account features, makes dating ‘on the cheap’ easier.

  • Adjust your date budget manually or link it directly to your Monzo account. 
  • Monzo’s average-spend data helps locate and suggest affordable places to go on a date within your set radius and budget. 

Print ad - stickers for pavements outside commercial spaces e.g supermarkets and restaurants